Welcome to the Institute of Chemistry

R.M. Sarhan, W. Koopman, J. Pudell, F. Stete, M. Rössle, M. Herzog, C.N.Z. Schmitt, F. Liebig, J. Koetz, M. Bargheer
Scaling Up Nanoplasmon Catalysis: The Role of Heat Dissipation
Journal Physical Chemistry C 2019, 123, 9352-9357
T. Schwarze, J. Riemer, H. Müller, L. John, H.-J. Holdt, P. Wessig
Na+ Selective Fluorescent Tools Based on Fluorescence Intensity Enhancements, Lifetime Changes, and on a Ratiometric Response
Chemistry Eur. J. 2019, 25, 12412 – 12422
C. M. Papadakis, P. Müller-Buschbaum, A. Laschewsky
Switch it Inside-out - "Schizophrenic" Behavior of All Thermo-responsive UCST-LCST Diblock Copolymers. Feature Article
Langmuir 2019, 35, 9660-9676
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Greeting from the managing director Prof. Dr. H. Schlaad

Welcome to the WEB-SITE of Chemistry at the University of Potsdam. We invite you to get acquainted with our research and teaching expertise, the outstanding equipment of our laboratories and already existing national and international collaborations. You find us in Wissenschaftspark Golm. If you would like to study Chemistry at the University of Potsdam or if you want to benefit from our research activities and collaborate with us, you are cordially welcome.
Prof. Dr. Helmut Schlaad

Research Groups

Analytical Chemistry

Prof. Heiko Möller - Analytical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Martin Oschatz - Inorganic Chemistry

Prof. Andreas Taubert - Supramolecular Chemistry

Didactics of Chemistry

Prof. Amitabh Banerji - Didactics of Chemistry

Organic Chemsitry

Prof. Torsten Linker - Organic Chemistry

Prof. Bernd Schmidt - Organic Syntheses

Prof. Pablo Wessig - Bioorganic Chemistry

Physical and Theoretical Chemsitry

Prof. Hans-Gerd Löhmannsröben - Physical Chemistry

Prof. Peter Saafrank - Theoretical Chemistry

JProf. Henrike Müller-Werkmeister - Physical Chemistry

Prof. Ilko Bald - Hybrid Nanostructures

Colloidal and Polymer Chemistry

Prof. Joachim Koetz - Colloidal Chemistry

Prof. Helmut Schlaad - Polymer Chemistry

Joint professors

Prof. Alexander Böker - IAP

Prof. André Laschewsky - IAP

Prof. Andreas Lendlein - HZG

Prof. Yan Lu - HZB

Research groups and habilitation candidates

Dr. Claudia Pacholski - Functional Nanostructures

apl. Prof. Michael U. Kumke - Physical Chemistry

Dr. Jolanda Hermanns - Didactics of Chemistry

Honorary Professors

Prof. Markus Antonietti - MPIKG

Prof. Ulrich Buller - Polymer Chemistry

Prof. Peter Seeberger - MPIKG

Retired Professors