Mass spectrometry

The samples for mass spectrometry can be dropped of on the table in front of the MS laboratory from monday to thursday from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. in house 25, room E0.04-05.


Dr. Ines Starke
Tel.-5150 (Office) -5294 -5293 (Lab)
Sylvia Fürstenberg
Tel. -5294 -5293 (Lab)

Instrumentations and ionisation methods

Electron ionization (EI)
      GC-MS TRACE DSQII, (EI: 70 eV) (Direct Inlet Port only), Mass range: up to 1000 Da
     GC-EI-Q-TOF, Direct inlet port via RTC PAL Tube Gripper, Mass range: up to 650 Da
Electro spray ionization (ESI)
     ESI-Q-TOFmicro, Direct infusion only, Mass range: up to 2000 Da
     LC-ESI-Q-TOF maXis, Direct infusion
     LC-ESI-Q-IM-TOF TimsTOF Pro2, Trapped ion mobility Spectrometry- MS, Direct infusion

(GC-, LC,- and Ion mobility MS measurements with consultation only)

Sample Submission

The measurement of the EI for the determination of the exact masses will be done with an automated sampler from now on. Samples for EI measurements must be submitted in 2mL autosampler vials with septum. Fill level at least 500uL. You will receive the raw data files in the Nextcloud. The files will be downloadable in the Nextcloud directory for 4 weeks.
From now on you can process the raw date and calculate the sum formulas by yourself with the programme ACD-Labs ChemSketch/SpectrusProcessor. You will find the link and a short video how to use the program in the Nextcloud directory.

Important - Citation rules

Please read the linked document carefully.
Download requestion sheet: EI-MS Sample, ESI-MS Sample, GC-MS Sample, ESI-MS or LC-MS Biological Samples


TimsTOF ProTimsTOF Pro maXismaXis
GC-MSMS 7250GC-MSMS 7250