Mass Spectrometry

Responsible Persons

Dr. Ines Starke
Phone-5150 (Office) -5294 -5293 (Lab)

Sylvia Fürstenberg
Phone -5294 -5293 (Lab)


  • GC-MS Trace DSQ II
  • GC-TOF (GC - Time of Flight)
  • ESI-Q-TOF micro (Quadrupol - Time of Flight)

Delivery of samples

House 25, Room: E 0.11-0.12

Instructions for sample preparation

  • Use only absolytely unpolluted tubes
  • Use only high purity solvents
  • Concentration:
    • EI : max. 10mg/mL (sample is dissolved)
    • ESI : max. 1mg (sample is undissolved)
  • Download requestion sheet: Paper for MS-Sample and Paper for GC and LC-MS Sample