Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry measurement operation

The samples for Mass Spectrometry can be dropped off and collected on the table in front of the Mass Spectrometry laboratory from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. If you have questions call us please: Dr. I. Starke and S. Fürstenberg
phone: 977- 5294, 5150, 5293

§ To comply with safety regulations §
and to be able to carry out service measurements without disturbance,
please call us
avoid entering the laboratory.
Please use only Eppendorf containers.
We throw the samples away after measuring.

Responsible Persons

Dr. Ines Starke
Phone-5150 (Office) -5294 -5293 (Lab)

Sylvia Fürstenberg
Phone -5294 -5293 (Lab)


  • GC-MS Trace DSQ II
  • GC-TOF (GC - Time of Flight)
  • ESI-Q-TOF micro (Quadrupol - Time of Flight)

Delivery of samples

House 25, Room: E 0.04-0.05

Instructions for sample preparation

  • Use only absolytely unpolluted tubes
  • Use only high purity solvents
  • Concentration:
    • EI : max. 10mg/mL (sample is dissolved)
    • ESI : max. 1mg (sample is undissolved)
  • Download requestion sheet: Paper for MS-Sample und Paper for Biological Samples