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Publications 2002

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ballI. Starke, G. Sarodnick, V. V. Ovcharenko, K. Pihlaja, E. Kleinpeter
Evidence for an aryl migration during the electron impact induced fragmentation of substituted aryloxymethylquinoxalines
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 16, 2002, 169-175

ballS. Klod, A. Koch and E. Kleinpeter
Ab-initio quantum-mechanical GIAO calculation of the anisotropic effect of C-C and X-C single bonds -application to the 1H NMR spectrum of cyclohexane
J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans. 9, 2002, 1506-1509

ball A.Germer, M. G. Peter, and E. Kleinpeter
Solution-State Conformational Study of the Hevamine Inhibitor
Allosamidin and Six Potential Inhibitor Analogues by NMR Spectroscopy
and Molecular Modeling
J. Org. Chem., 67 (18), 2002, 6328 -6338

ballA. Hashem, E. Kleinpeter
The Chemistry of 2(5H)- Furanones
Adv. Heterocycl. Chem., 81, 2002, 107ff.

ballE. Kleinpeter, F. Taddei
Log-range substutuent influence on the equatorial/axial conformational equilibrium of cyclohexanol and cyclohexanthiol esters
J. Mol. Struct. (Theochem), 585, 2002, 223-237

ballA. Germer, S. Klod, M. G. Peter, E. Kleinpeter
NMR spectroscopic and theoretical study of the complexation of the inhibitor allosamidin in the binding pocket of the plant chitinase hevamine
J. Mol. Model, 8, 2002, 231-236

ballH. Neuvonen, K. Neuvonen, A. Koch, E. Kleinpeter, P. Pasanen
Electron- Withdrawing Substituents Decrease the Electrophilicity of the Carbonyl Carbon. An Investigation with the Aid of 13C NMR Chemical Shifts, n(C=O) Frequency Values, Charge Densities and Isodesmic Reactions to Interprete Substituent Effects on Reactivity.
J. Org. Chem.,67, 2002, 6995-7003

ballM. Sefkow, A. Koch, E. Kleinpeter
New Results on the Stereoselective Alkylations of Malic Acid Derivatives Supported by Molecular Modeling
Helvetica Chimica Acta, 85, 2002, 4216ff.

ballG. Thiele, A. Rottmann, A. Germer, E. Kleinpeter, K.-D. Spindle, B. Synstad, V. G.H. Eijsink, M. G. Peter
Synthesis and Conformational Aanalysis of Pseudosugar Analogues of Chitotriose*
Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry, 21, 2002, 471-489

ball K. Neuvonen, F. Fülöp, H. Neuvonen, A. Koch, E. Kleinpeter, and K. Pihlaja
Comparison of the Electronic Structures of Imine and Hydrazone Side-Chain Functionalities with the Aid of 13C and 15N NMR Chemical Shifts and PM3 Calculations. The Influence of C=N-Substitution on the Sensitivity to Aromatic Substitution
J. Org. Chem. 2003, 68, 2151-2160

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