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Publications 2006

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  1. Erich Kleinpeter
    Push-pull alkenes: structure and p-electron distribution
    J. Serb. Chem. Soc. 71 (2006) 1-17

  2. B. Kamm, M. Kamm, M. Schmidt, I. Starke and E. Kleinpeter
    Chemical and biochemical generation of carbohydrates from lignocellulose-feedstock (Lupinus nootkatensis)—quantification of glucose
    Chemosphere 62 (2006) 97-105
  3. K. Balci, A. Koch and E. Kleinpeter
    A comparative vibrational spectroscopic investigation of free mn-12S2O2 and fn-12S2O2dithiacrown ethers based on DFT calculations
    Journal of Molecular Structure 787 (2006) 191-202
  4. Uwe Schilde, Çakil Erk, Erich Kleinpeter
    The crystal and molecular structures of sodium and barium complexes of dibenzo-24-crown-8 ether
    Z. kristallogr. 221 (2006) 231-235
  5. Ines Starke, Sylvia Fürstenberg, Holger Müller, Hans-Jürgen Holdt, Erich Kleinpeter
    Electrospray mass spectrometric studies of the complexational behavior of maleonitrile thiacrown ethers with various metals
    Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 20 (2006) 897 - 903
  6. Hans-Jürgen Holdt, Holger Müller, Matthias Pötter, Alexandra Kelling, Uwe Schilde, Ines Starke, Matthias Heydenreich, Erich Kleinpeter
    The First Sandwich Complex with an Octa(thioether) Coordination Sphere:
    European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry Volume 2006, Issue 12 , Pages 2377 - 2384
  7. Erich Kleinpeter and Anja Schulenburg
    Quantification of the Push-Pull Effect in Tolanes and a Revaluation of the Factors Affecting the 13C Chemical Shifts of the Carbon Atoms of the CC Triple Bond
    J. Org. Chem.; 2006; 71(10) pp 3869 - 3875
  8. Erich Kleinpeter, Nadja Rolla, Andreas Koch, and Ferdinando Taddei
    Hyperconjugation and the Increasing Bulk of OCOCX3 Substituents in Trans-1,4-Disubstituted Cyclohexanes Destabilize the Diequatorial Conformer
    J. Org. Chem.; 2006; 71(12) pp 4393 - 4399
  9. István Szatmári, Diána Tóth, Andreas Koch, Matthias Heydenreich, Erich Kleinpeter, Ferenc Fülöp
    Study of the Substituent-Influenced Anomeric Effect in the Ring-Chain Tautomerism of 1-Alkyl-3-aryl-naphth[1,2-e][1,3]oxazines
    European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2006(20) pp 4670 - 4675
  10. Erich Kleinpeter and Anja Holzberger
    Structure, intramolecular flexibility, and complexation of aza crown ethers to anions H2PO4- and HSO4- in nonprotic solvents
    Tetrahedron 62(2006) Issue 43, pp 10237-10247
  11. Joachim Koetz, Nicole Jagielskia, Sabine Kosmellaa, Alwin Friedricha and Erich Kleinpeter
    CdS nanocubes formed in phosphatidylcholin-based template phases
    Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects Volume 288, Issues 1-3 , 2006, Pages 36-43
  12. Çakil Erk, Matthias Heydenreich, Erich Kleinpeter
    Investigation of the Cation Complexation by Macrocyclic Ethers using 13C NMR Spin--Lattice Dipolar Relaxation Time Measurements
    Turk. J. Chem., 30, (2006), 261-268
  13. Karel D. Klika, Eva Balentová, Juraj Bernát, Ján Imrich, Martina Vavrušová, Erich Kleinpeter, Kalevi Pihlaja and Andreas Koch
    Tautomerism, Regioisomerism, and Cyclization Reactions of Acridinyl Thiosemicarbazides
    J. Heterocyclic Chem. 43 (2006) 633-643
  14. Bagrat A. Shainyan, Igor A. Ushakov, Andreas Koch, and Erich Kleinpeter
    Stereodynamics of 1-(Methylsulfonyl)-3,5-bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)-1,3,5-triazinane: Experimental and Theoretical Analysis
    J. Org. Chem.; 2006; 71(20) pp 7638 - 7642

  15. Matthias Heydenreich, Andreas Koch, Sabrina Klod, István Szatmári, Ferenc Fülöp and Erich Kleinpeter
    Synthesis and conformational analysis of naphth[1',2':5,6][1,3]oxazino[3,2-c][1,3]benzoxazine and naphth[1',2':5,6][1,3]oxazino[3,4-c][1,3]benzoxazine derivatives
    Tetrahedron 62(48)11081-11089

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