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Publications 1999

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H.-J. Drexler, M. Grotjahn, E. Kleinpeter, H.-J. Holdt
A novel polymeric disilver(I) complex containing both macrocyclic- and linear-coordinate silver(I) centres: [Ag2(mn-15S2O3)]n(ClO4)2n
Inorg. Chim. Act. 285 (1999) 305

K. B. Reiche, I. Starke, E. Kleinpeter, H.-J. Holdt, K. Pihlaja, P. Oksman, V. Ovcharenko
Fragmentation of Imine-type Meta-bridged Bis(Benzo Crown Ethers) under Electron Impact
Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 13 (1999) 449-455

M. Grotjahn, N. Jäger, H.-J. Drexler, H.-J. Holdt, E. Kleinpeter
Molecular Modeling Study of the PtCl2 Complexes of Unsaturated S2On+1 -Coronands: Dynamic Simulations and Investigation of the Ring Interconversion
J. Mol. Model. 5 (1999) 72-77

E. Kleinpeter, L. Hilfert, A. Koch
NMR spectroscopic and ab initio MO study of sterically hindered 2,3-disubstituted quinoxalines
J. Phys. Org. Chem. 12 (1999) 725-733

H.-J. Dexler, I. Starke, M. Grotjahn, H. Reinke, E. Kleinpeter, H.-J. Holdt
SbCl3, BiCl3 und Na+ Complexes of Maleonitrile-Dithiacrown Ethers: Synthesis, Crystal Structures and DEP-MS Experiments
Z. Naturforsch., 54b (1999) 799-806

R. Benassi, A. Bregulla, D. Henning, M. Heydenreich, G. Kempter, E. Kleinpeter, F. Taddei
NMR spektroscopic and theoretical structural analysis of 5-benzyl substituted hydantoins in solutions
J. Mol. Struct. 475 (1999) 105

C. Zucchi, A. Cornia, R. Boese, E. Kleinpeter, H. Alper, G. Palyi
Preparation and molecular structures of benzyl- and phenyl- acetylcobaltcarbonyls
J. Organomet. Chem. 586 (1999) 61

S. Scholl, A. Koch, D. Henning, G. Kempter, E. Kleinpeter
The influence of structure and lipophilicity of hydantoin derivatives on anticonvulsant activity
Struct. Chem. 10 (1999) 355 -366

M. Grotjahn and E. Kleinpeter
Conformational Behaviour of N-tosyl-substituted Diaza Crown Ethers
J. Mol. Modell. 5 (1999) 296 - 301

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