Research Overview

The Physical Chemistry at the University of Potsdam (UPPC) works in the fields of Photophysics & Photochemistry, Optical Sensing & Biomonitoring and Environmental Chemistry & Environmental Analysis. Together with the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) UPPC maintain a Center of Innovation Competence (ZIK) innoFSPEC Potsdam

Particular emphasis is placed upon the combination of fundamental research (e.g., investigation of elementary photophysical processes) and applied research (e.g., optical process and quality sensing, OPQS).

A short overview about UPPC is given in the linked pdf document (in German language).


Section Photophysics & Photochemistry
Contact persons
  • Dr. Toralf Beitz
Optical Sensing & Biomonitoring
Contact persons
  • Dr. Carsten Hille
  • Dr. Oliver Reich
  • Dr. Dörte Steinbrück
Section Environmental Chemistry & Environmental Analytics
Contact persons
  • Dr. Sascha Eidner
  • Dipl.-Chem. Lena Bressel