We are pleased to announce a half-day Mini-Symposium on Quantum Dynamics, to be held at the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Potsdam (Campus Golm), on Monday, 29th April 2019.
The meeting will feature two main lectures, delivered by Prof. William H. Miller (University of California, USA) and Prof. Stuart C. Althorpe (University of Cambridge, UK), and two contributions given by Dr. Foudhil Bouakline (University of Potsdam) and Dr. Ralph Welsh (CFEL-DESY Theory Division, Hamburg, Germany). The mini-symposium will be about quantum molecular dynamics, with a focus on recent developments in (semi)classical descriptions of quantum phenomena, particularly non-adiabatic effects. The schedule of the meeting and details can be found here
Prof. Dr. P. Saalfrank
Tel.: 0331/977/5232
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