J. Hermanns
Perceived relevance of tasks in organic chemistry by preservice chemistry teachers
Chemistry Teacher International 2020
DOI: 10.1515/cti-2020-0002
In this article the development, use and evaluation of tasks in organic chemistry is discussed. These tasks are designed following the concept of school-related content knowledge. In this study the perceived relevance of these new tasks by preservice chemistry teachers was evaluated. Of special interest was the question how this new tasks should be designed to be perceived as relevant; are some features of the tasks more suitable than others? To answer all research questions a mixed methods study was conducted. To understand the students’ rating of the new tasks by using questionnaires, focus group interviews were conducted as well. The suitability of these new tasks for use in written exams was also evaluated. The results show that the students perceived the tasks as relevant for their future profession if the tasks included contents of the school curriculum, realistic situations and were personalized. They perceived the new tasks also as relevant for practicing skills in communication and explanations.
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