R. Henning, F. Liebig, C. Prietzel, B. Klemke, J. Koetz
Gold Nanotriangles with Magnetite Satellites
Colloids and Surfaces A 2020, 600, 124913
DOI: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2020.124913
his work describes the synthesis of hybrid particles of gold nanotriangles (AuNTs) with magnetite nanoparticles (MNPs) by using 1-Mercaptopropyl-3-trimethoxysilan (MPTMS) and L-cysteine as linker molecules. Due to the combination of superparamagnetic properties of MNPs with optical properties of the AuNTs, hybrid nanoparticles with combined features become available. By using MPTMS with silan groups as linker molecule a magnetic "cloud" with embedded AuNTs can be separated. In presence of L-cysteine as linker molecule at pH > pHiso a more unordered aggregate structure of MNPs is obtained due to the dimerization of the L-cysteine. At pH < pHiso water soluble positively charged AuNTs with satellite MNPs can be synthesized. The time-dependent loading with MNP satellites under release of the extinction and magnetization offer a hybrid material, which is of special relevance for biomedical applications and plasmonic catalysis.
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