J. Hermanns
Scaffolding for chemistry students - which tools are assessed as being more helpful: stepped supporting tools or task navigators?
Chemistry Teacher International 2020
DOI: 10.1515/cti-2020-0019
In this paper the use of two different scaffolds in a seminar on the topic of heterocycles is discussed. The students first used both scaffolds (stepped supporting tools and a task navigator) on two tasks and could then choose for one other task the scaffold that suited them more. The scaffolds were evaluated in a mixed-methods study by the use of questionnaires and the conducting of a focus group interview. Both scaffolds were assessed as being helpful. However, students who thought they didn’t need different sorts of tips, as provided by the task navigator, chose the stepped supporting tools. All students reflected on their use of the scaffolds; their choices for one of both are therefore well-founded. As the reasons for choosing the scaffold are very individual, in future seminars both types of scaffolds will be provided.
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