J. Hermanns
Training OC - a new course concept for training the application of basic concepts in organic chemistry
Journal of Chemical Education 2021, 98, 374-384
The course design “Training OC” for training the application of basic concepts consists of four topics: formula language, structure-property relations, reaction mechanisms and complex tasks that the students should solve with the conceptual knowledge they acquired in the first three topics. A main goal of the course was to enable the students to solve reaction mechanisms. To achieve the goals of the course, several games were specially designed and used. The course was conducted at a German university with ca. 30 students who participated voluntarily. The course was evaluated by several tools: students’ products were collected in the course, two pre-post-tests and additionally interviews on the strategy of designing reaction mechanisms were conducted. The performance of the teacher and the self-assessment of the students were also part of the evaluation. The results of the written exam were compared with the results of the major bachelor chemistry students. The course “Training OC” was rated very well by the students. They were of the opinion that they learned the application of basic concepts taught in this course. This is supported by the results of the evaluation and the written exams. The course concept of Training OC will therefore become a permanent part of the course “Organic Chemistry I” which will be redesigned for the next round in 2020/21.
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