Hermanns, J., Ermler, N.
Why school-related content knowledge for pre-service chemistry teachers should include basic concepts in organic chemistry
Chemistry Teacher International 2021
DOI: 10.1515/cti-2020-0033
In this paper we describe and evaluate a study on the use of concepts in organic chemistry while solving tasks that are designed after the concept of school-related content knowledge. The study was designed as a mixed methods study and conducted at a German university for the content of "organic chemistry". As the results of this study show, the students rate the tasks and the use of anchoring concepts as for example "bonds" or "structure and function" as relevant for their future profession as a chemistry teacher. They therefore propose that concepts should be an integral part of their university studies as they find it lacking at the moment. Concepts can also be seen as an opportunity to build a bridge between school knowledge and university knowledge.
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