J. Hermanns
How do pre-service chemistry teachers rate the importance of content in organic chemistry during their chemistry studies at university?
Chemistry Teacher International 2021, 1-7
DOI: 10.1515/cti-2021-0004
In this article a cross-sectional study on the students' rating with regard to the contents in organic chemistry will be discussed. Pre-service teachers rated the contents with a questionnaire during their bachelor or master studies. It was shown that the pre-service chemistry teachers during their master studies rated the content as more important than the bachelor students. One possible explanation can be that the master students have teaching experience due to their internships at school whereas the bachelor students can only rely on their experience from their own school days. Overall, content belonging to the school curriculum in the federal state "Brandenburg" where the pre-service teachers' university is located was rated better than content that was not a part of this curriculum. Concepts were not rated significantly better than the content. Because of the importance of conceptual knowledge for the future profession as a teacher, the courses in organic chemistry will be redesigned with a clear focus on concepts.
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