J. Hermanns, D. Keller
A survey on the content beliefs of professors teaching organic chemistry
Progress in Science Education 2021, 4, 63-70
DOI: 10.25321/prise.2021.1078
Content beliefs of professors teaching organic chemistry were investigated. The survey consisted of topics recommended by the KMK (Kultusministerkonferenz –conference of the ministers for the arts and culture – also responsible for education) and important concepts. The professors rated the topics and concepts for students at school and for pre-service chemistry teachers during their study at university. Over all, the topics were rated better than the concepts. In comparison with the recommendations of the KMK the rating of the topics show a great concordance; the rating lies between 94.1 and 100.0 % agreement. The lower agreement with the concepts is surprising, because those are also part of the recommendations of the KMK. As additional relevant concepts the electrophile-nucleophile and acid-base concept were named by the professors. However, it seems that conceptual knowledge and its use in teacher training is not as common as it is desirable.
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