P. Wessig, M. Gerngroß, S. Pape, P. Bruhns, J. Weber
Novel porous materials based on oligospiroketals (OSK)
RSC Adv. 2014, 4, 31123-31129
DOI: 10.1039/c4ra04437a
New porous materials based on covalently connected monomers are presented. The key step of the synthesis is an acetalisation reaction. In previous years we used acetalisation reactions extensively to build up various molecular rods. Based on this approach, investigations towards porous polymeric materials were conducted by us. Here we wish to present the results of these studies in the synthesis of 1D polyacetals and porous 3D polyacetals. By scrambling experiments with 1D acetals we could prove that exchange reactions occur between different building blocks (evidenced by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry). Based on these results we synthesized porous 3D polyacetals under the same mild conditions.
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